Focus on condition of your own minorities: MEA hits back at Pak PM Imran Khan

Hitting back in Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan on his own opinions finished Citizenship (Amendment) Bill which has been passed from the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday,'' Raveesh Kumar,'' spokesperson for MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) stated that the prime minister'must listen into this minorities within his nation instead of simply commenting on India's internal issues.'
'He needs to preferably focus on this healthiness of minorities in Pakistan in the place of agreeing on inner issues of India,''' he included.

'Do not presume we will need to answer every announcement of Pakistan PM.  His announcements are somewhat unwarranted,' Raveesh Kumar mentioned in a media meeting held on Thursday at New Delhi.

'Earth has to cautioned, since appeasement of this genocidal Supremacist schedule of nazi-germany finally contributed to WWII,'' Modi's Hindu Supremacist schedule, followed by dangers to Pak underneath a nuclear over hang will cause gigantic blood shed & farreaching impacts on earth.  In Nazi Germany, at Modi's India dissent was marginalised and also the whole world has to step ahead before it's way too late, to counter this Hindu Supremacist schedule of Modi's India threatening blood shed & warfare,' he included.

At some tweets,'' Imran Khan had targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi over CAB by stating India was'moving systematically using its Hindu Supremacist schedule' beneath Modi.
'India, underneath Modi, was moving with its Hindu Supremacist program.  You start with prohibited annexation & on-going siege of all IOJK; afterward trapping 2 mn Indian Muslim at Assam of citizenship, even putting upward internment peaks; today the passing through of Citizenship modification regulation, this followed closely by mob lynchings of both Muslims and also alternative minorities at India,''' imrankhan wrote on Twitter.

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