Rape-accused Nithyananda sets up his own 'Nation' called 'Kailaasa'

Police arrested Sadhvi Pranpriyananda along with Priyatatva Riddhi Kiran, equally women of their contentious God-man, on behalf of supposedly kidnapping at four kids, retaining them illegal confinement at an apartment and together with them as child labourers to advertise actions of their ashram to amass gifts.

"Kailaasa can be actually a state without boundaries developed by dispossessed Hindus across the globe who'd lost the best to clinic Hinduism authentically inside their countries," the site .
On November 20an FIR was registered contrary to Nithyananda around the fees of alleged kidnapping and improper confinement of kiddies to allow them to amass contributions from followers to conduct his ashram from Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

The web site of all Kailaasa now offers worldwide free wellness care, completely free schooling, completely free food and also a temple-based life style for everybody.

"The taxpayers will undoubtedly be provided that a Kailaasa passport that, from the elegance of Paramashivathe ruler of the passport will be granted entry entrance in each of eleven measurements and two lokas, for example Kailaasa," it also said.
Self Styled God Man Swami Nithyananda reserved, two employees held for'kidnapping' children
Bengaluru,'' Dec 04: questionable selfstyled God-man Swami Nithyananda,'' who's about the series after confronting charges of rape,'' has allegedly establish a fresh state named Kailaasa who intends to extend a paradise for"dispossessed Hindus".

Nithyananda is additionally an accused in a alleged rape case registered in Karnataka.

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